#001: Welcome to the first episode of the Good Things in Life Podcast!

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Welcome to our first podcast. This show is all about helping young people with a disability to build a good life.

We all want the good things in life.

Regardless of time or place, there is pretty universal agreement about what the good things in life are. Home, relationships, love, community, some freedom, opportunities to make a contribution…

But at some point in human history we lost the plot in respect to what we think is important for people with disabilities and their families. We definitely lost the plot all together when it comes to figuring out how to support people.

I was lucky.

Early in my life I was introduced to important concepts like Social Role Valorizaiton or SRV. SRV is a concept developed by Dr. Wolf Wolfensburger PhD. It uses social science to help us shape a good life for people mostly by helping them fill the typical roles in life that we all find fulfilling and meaningful.

I was lucky because I had important, fulfilling relationships with people with disabilities early, and throughout my life. I had the opportunity to learn about and deconstruct all the crap that our society teaches us without us even knowing it, and had mentors, teachers, thought leaders and revolutionaries guiding me. And now you can too.

The Good Things in Life is a community for families with vision about building a good life with their child with a disability.

Episode 2 will be all about developing a vision. Darcy Elks talks about why you need a vision and how to get started. Check it out here.  

Good Things in Life podcast features the stories of families and interviews with the people who support them. Be sure to subscribe.

If you want to learn more about Social Role Valorization then keep listening! You can read about Social Role Valorization here.

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Genia Stephen
Genia Stephen

Sister, mother, midwife, writer, speaker and perpetually curious. Dedicated to bringing you the voices, ideas and conversations of world class mentors and thought leaders in the field of disability.