#003: Clienthood versus Citizenship with Guy Caruso

#003: Clienthood versus Citizenship with Guy Caruso


On this episode of Good Things in Life, Genia interviews Guy Caruso about why choosing a path of citizenship instead of clienthood leads toward a good life.

Guy has a Ph.D. in rehabilitation counseling, is a fellow of the American Association of Developmental Disabilities and works at the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University.

Show Notes:

  • No path in life is easy. But if you had to think about your choices, would you rather your child be a client or citizen?
  • When families seek out citizenship for their children, their futures are bright. When you are citizen you are more likely to be known in your community. The more you’re known and valued, the safer you are. Separation from others can lead to a lack of safety.
  • When children are labeled as something and treated as something, they become that very thing. So aim for citizenship.

Resources Mentioned

Contact Guy at:  guy@temple.edu

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