#007 Holding the vision of a good life since 1974 with Linda Dawe

Title: Holding the vision of a good life since 1974 with Linda Dawe

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Linda Dawe is a parent and a founding member of Deohaeko, a family group that dreamed of what home could be for their son’s and daughters. Their collective dream and hard work resulted in Rougemount Cooperative Homes in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. You can find out about their remarkable journey here.

Linda’s daughter, Tiffany, was born in 1974. A time when many children with an intellectual disability were placed in institutions and children’s hospitals.

With the support of her family and other parents of children with disabilities that she met along the way, Linda held onto to the vision of a good life for her daughter.

Linda highlights the importance of having a community of people around you that can help you see possibility.

I hope that Good Things in Life can be part of that supportive community for you. Join the Good Things in Life Facebook group. You are welcome here.

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