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Does having a “vision” sound airy fairy to you? It’s not. It’s actually social science. And it’s crucial to the life of people with a disability.

Why do I say its crucial?

If we don’t set our own direction towards the good things in life then people’s lives tend to follow the path that society sets. And that path includes some not great things like a life defined by special places for special people and not many typical opportunities for the good things in life that we all want. It is crucial that we set our own destination to avoid this.

How does one begin creating a vision? Start by thinking of the age of the person you care about with a disability. Then answer 3 questions. I’ve created a worksheet to help. You can download it here.

Who do people of that age typically hang out with?

Where are the places that people of that age typically spend their time?

What are the activities and roles that are typical for people of that age?

Now add five years to the age of the person you are thinking of. Answer the questions for that age.

You now have the beginning of a vision.

This is just the beginning of course. If you would like the opportunity to gather with other parents to create a clear and deep vision of a good life for your child with a disability and to start figuring out how to get there, then sign up here. I’ll put you on the waitlist for my course “A life of belonging: creating a clear vision of the good life for your child with a disability.”  

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