#009 Having a vision means you can make informed choices

Download the Guide to Informed Choice in Health Care and Service Systems.

Parents make thousands of decisions on behalf of their children. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are making decisions. We just roll along. But our choices and decisions can bring us closer – or farther – to our vision of the good things in life.

Decision can be hard. Once a vision specialist made recommendations that could improve my son’s vision. But it meant he would have to give up classroom time. How do you choose between two options that both seem important?

That is where informed choice comes in. You can practice informed choice by using the mnemonic BRAINS. It stands for

B: Background and benefits

R: Risks

A: Alternatives

I: Intuition

N: Doing Nothing

S: ‘Scuse me, can we have a minute to talk about it alone?

Practicing informed choice won’t guarantee that your decisions will always work out. That’s just not how life goes. But practicing informed choice will ensure that you are making the best decision you can with the information you have available. This can bring you closer to your vision for your child’s life and help you avoid what you don’t want.

Download the Guide to Informed Choice in Health Care and Service Systems.

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