#012 Paul Young: High Expectations and Mentorship

#012 Paul Young: High Expectations and Mentorship

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Paul Young is an internationally-recognized keynote speaker, winner of the Governor General Meritorious Service Cross, the former Chair of the Council or Canadians with Disabilities, Founder of People First of Nova Scotia, former president of People First of Canadian, and retired CBC Radio technician.

But if you had looked at Paul as a child you might not have predicted a life full of such impressive accomplishments. On today’s episode, Paul and I talk about what made the difference in his life.

From a small town with no supports, services or any expectations for growth and success, to a life full of accomplishments.

Paul attributes his success to the power of high expectations and mentors who believed in him.

The takeaway for me is that having a positive vision for someone, even if you can’t see right now how they might achieve that vision, is key to supporting someone to have access to a good life.  

Do you have a child with a disability in your life? Do you have high expectations for them? Can you see past what they can do today and imagine what they might accomplish over time with good mentorship?

If you have trouble creating that vision, I’ve created a guide that can help get you started. You can get it here. Sometimes we need some help with this! I certainly do. My son’s social life has recently kind of imploded. Next week on the podcast I’m going to talk about the first two things that I do when I don’t know what to do and feel stuck. See you then!

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Resources & Links Mentioned:

Paul’s website: Paul Young Consulting

Article: What is a Mentor?

Council of Canadians with Disabilities

People First of Canada

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Special thanks to Paul Young for joining me this week. Until next time!

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