#030 Paul Young: Focusing on the person takes you from sheltered workshop to CBC Radio

Paul Young is an internationally-recognized keynote speaker, winner of the Governor General Meritorious Service Cross, the former Chair of the Council or Canadians with Disabilities, Founder of People First of Nova Scotia, former president of People First of Canadian, and retired CBC Radio technician.

Paul’s opinion is that diagnosis talk is okay as long as it is relevant.

But diagnosis talk is not okay when what you should be talking about WHO the person is.

Using words that focus on what people cannot do tend to lead to people not filling their potential.  

Focusing on who people are and what their interests are leads to people gaining competencies and reaching their potential.

Listen to Paul’s story – from the sheltered workshop where people believed he could only become a dishwasher – to a career at the CBC.

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Special thanks to Paul Young for joining me this week. Until next time!

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