#031 Using AAC as a tool for self-determination and supported decision making: how to stop guessing what people want.

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Many people who cannot rely on words to speak struggle to be understood. Loved ones and support people often do their best to apply what they know of the person’s preferences to the planning process, but may fall short because they lack a direct way to ask the person what they think.  

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) methods can provide access to communication and serve as a tool to directly understand the thoughts, preferences and choices of people with significant disabilities and communication barriers.  

AAC technology can support us to understand a non-speaking person even before the person can use the technology themselves.

Erin Sheldon AAC

In this audio version of a live presentation, Erin Sheldon, M.Ed., provides an overview of AAC as a tool for self-determination and supported decision making. 

Erin presents practical tools that can be used by family, friends and professionals starting today.

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Special thanks to Erin Sheldon for joining me this week. Until next time! 

Genia Stephen

Started young with a sister with a disability, amazing mentors and a strong mother with a vision. Now a mother to two sons, one of whom has a disability, a midwife to many, and an activist with a mission to band together with families to joyfully pursue the good things in life. Genia’s a registered midwife, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care (student), Speaker, Presenter, Podcast host, and founder of Good Things in Life which offers resources, courses and networking opportunities for a community of parents with a shared vision of the good things in life for their children with disabilities.


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