My talk therapy – What’s Medical Safeguarding?

My talk therapy – What’s Medical Safeguarding?

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When we talk about medical safeguarding, what exactly are we talking about? In last week’s episode, Good Things host Genia Stephen talked about her experience acting as medical safeguard for her sister who’s currently in long-term intensive care. For this special 100th episode of the podcast, Genia flips the script a bit: this time, someone else is interviewing her! This episode picks up where the last left off, this time in a conversation between Genia and filmmaker and storyteller Katie Bachmeyer. Katie asks Genia about what medical safeguarding really means. Providing emotional or psychological support to loved ones in hospital is really important, but medical safeguarding of vulnerable people needs to be understood to go above and beyond support. Safeguards act as advocates and interpreters for their loved ones, and it’s a crucial role—even making the difference between life and death—in a medical culture that already devalues the lives and experiences of vulnerable people. This is the first of at least two episodes in which Katie, who understands storytelling as a space for healing, is going to help Genia tell her powerful story.

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Resources & Links Mentioned:

–  Dr Wolfensberger book about protecting the lives of vulnerable patients in hospital

–  Inclusion academy;


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Special thanks to Katie Bachmeyer for joining me this week. Until next time!