Embracing Independent Living for Young Adults with Disabilities

Embracing Independent Living for Young Adults with Disabilities

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Can adults with disabilities make it on their own? Of course they can! It’s something that we all know intellectually, but when you’re a parent of a child with a disability, it can be hard to recognize when it’s time to really step back and let your kid take more control of their own life. I was so excited this episode to hand the podcast hosting reins over to Carrie Ahrens, a longtime member of Good Things in Life’s Inclusion Academy and mom of two who has been working for a few years now on a special parent engagement project with Community Living Mississauga. Carrie invited Lynne Seagle, executive director of Hope House Foundation, to talk about the ways that caregivers and professionals in the system (such as social workers) can empower young adults with disabilities to live freely and independently, just as successfully as any other young adult. Lynne has an amazing track record of success in transitioning people away from group home living towards true independence. This episode is a wonderful conversation between two passionate women that have excellent ideas on everything parents and social service professionals can do to support young adults with disabilities in fully realizing their own agency and autonomy.

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Special thanks to Carrie Ahrens and Lynne Seagle for joining me this week. Until next time!