Advocacy and Allyship in Inclusive Education

Advocacy and Allyship in Inclusive Education

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I’d love to live in a world where constant advocacy on behalf of my child with a disability is no longer necessary—where the education system is built with the needs of all kids in mind. 

And while there has been some progress on that front, we’re not finished yet. Inclusion is possible, but it’s hard. 

Today’s podcast includes a discussion with Susan Dunnigan, a social worker, mother, and advocate for inclusion. Susan’s memoir, Warrior Angel, documents her family’s ongoing pursuit of a typical life at the heart of community while supporting and advocating for her son Matt, who has an intellectual disability. 

Susan and I chatted about how the education system responded to her efforts to carve out a place for Matt within it. She met both supporters and challengers along the way, and discovered that a community of supportive teachers and school administrators makes a huge difference, and so does a strong sense of cohesion among co-advocates, such as co-parents. This was a great conversation about allyship and advocacy, the two As of inclusive education.

Transcript coming soon.

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Special thanks to Susan Dunnigan for joining me this week. Until next time!