Right Relationships, with Michael Kendrick

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If you’ve ever studied Buddhist teachings, you may have come across the term “right relationships.” This term refers to the moral obligation to be in “correct” relationships with fellow humans—relationships based on mutual respect, forgiveness, compassion, and understanding. 

When working with staff or volunteers from disability service organizations, you form relationships, and forming right relationships can be an important component of building trust and ethical partnership with the organization as a whole. Right relationships are based on a fundamental understanding that people can change, and that self-forgiveness and self-compassion are key to finding compassion and empathy for other people, too.

Dr. Michael Kendrick, an international community service consultant, joins me once again to talk about how the concept of right relationships is at the heart of all successful, effective service organizations, even if it’s not a term that’s widely used in the industry. 

Michael J. Kendrick, PhD, has served in various roles such as the Assistant Commissioner for the State of Massachusetts Developmental Disabilities Department, Director of the Safeguards project, and director of supported decision making with the Center for Public Representation. He has consulted in over two dozen countries, provided training for tens of thousand of people, published nearly 150 articles and been an ally for families and persons with disabilities. Michael, a Canadian citizen, splits his time between his Nova Scotia and Massachusetts homes.

By committing to change one step at a time, more and more relationships can become “right,” and eventually even lead to systemic change from the bottom up. Listen now for more on how a single improved relationship could be the first step toward community-wide transformation!

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Special thanks to Michael Kendrick for joining me this week. Until next time!

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