Stopping the Resistance Against Inclusion With Lynn Dew

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Our journey has twists and turns. It isn’t a straight line. Especially when our kids are young and newly identified, we are open to the advice of those we look to for guidance. This is true whether the advice is good or bad.

“Your child is different and will need special attention.”

“Your child will be educated with specialists over there.”

“The mainstream is not prepared to help your child.”

When you’ve never had a chance to think about this before, it makes sense on the surface.  It can be hard to see that what they really mean is…

“Your child’s disability is the only fundamentally important thing about them.”

“Your child will be segregated and marginalized.”

“Nobody will like or welcome your child.”

I think you’ll agree that we are all better off when we can see through that nonsense. But getting there takes time. This week on the podcast, guest host Katie Bachmeyer interviews Lynn Dew. 

Lynn is a Brit living in France with her partner and 3 children, where “inclusion” is barely a discussion in the education system. 

Lynn beautifully shares her personal journey from segregation to inclusion as a mindset and as a destination. 

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Special thanks to Lynn Dew for joining me this week. Until next time!

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Genia Stephen
Genia Stephen

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