The Transition from Exclusion to Inclusion with Kim Southern-Paulsen

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On this podcast, we’ve spoken about how important inclusion is, and how it offers so much to individuals with disabilities. Although making that transition from exclusion to inclusion in the community can be difficult. It can be hard to persist, and consistently push for that change, but once it happens it’s incredibly rewarding.

This episode, Kim Southern-Paulsen joins guest interviewer Katie Bachmeyer, sharing her story of how she and her son, David, made the transition from exclusion to inclusion in his school and their community. Kim discusses how putting her foot down and pushing for change really made a difference in her and David’s life, helping him find a sense of belonging in his community. She talks about how difficult it can be to find that courage to keep pushing, but it’s important to keep on trying. Keep moving forward and pushing back; when there’s apparently no room for inclusion, then try and make room.

Kim is a wife and mother; her family is the source of her greatest joy. She is a firm believer in inclusion and the value of inclusive education. Her understanding of inclusion has been formed by her life experiences and engagement as a parent in the education system and her work as a coordinator at Extend-A-Family  Currently Kim is a board member for DFR Durham Family Resources. When Kim is not working, advocating, or volunteering, she can be found in the garden, walking or bird watching.

Finding the courage to keep trying won’t be easy, and you may not always get it right the first time around. But as they say: when you fall, it’s important that you get back up again. Listen now to learn how to help make the transition from exclusion to inclusion a reality!


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Special thanks to Kim Southern-Paulsen for joining me this week. Until next time!

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