The Power of Parental Advocacy with Alpacino Beauchamp

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The education system’s sole purpose is to help students reach their maximum potential and strive to give them the knowledge they need to succeed. Although, they don’t always have the resources on hand needed to help with each student’s individual needs.

In this situation, it can feel difficult for parents to speak up on behalf of their children. After all, not all parents are experts on education, and speaking up can feel like they’re being burdensome. However, school principal Alpacino Beauchamp stresses that when faced with this, parents should do the exact opposite. It’s important that parents voice their concerns and ask that other alternatives be presented to help their children. 

As parents, advocacy is our greatest strength; it has the power to make a difference in our child’s educational path. By actively seeking out open communication with the school administration, parents can positively impact their child’s learning development, helping them pave their own way to success by giving them exactly what they need. While not all parents are familiar with the inner workings of the education system, they know their children better than anyone else, and that’s what really matters. 

Principal Alpacino B. Beauchamp has served in public education for over 15 years. He began his teaching career as a math and science instructor in the Northwest Local School District. He then served as Principal/Headmaster of Marva Collins Preparatory school for one year. Beauchamp embarked on a five-year effort to earn a M.B.A. degree, work in corporate America, and teach business students at the collegiate level. His experience in business helped to shape his views on the collaboration of schools and the local business community. In February of 2018, Principal Beauchamp was chosen by the Roberts Academy LSDMC to succeed Principal Vera Brooks as the Principal of Roberts Academy.

Speak up. Get Loud. Get annoying. It’s crucial that parents step up and advocate for their children’s educational needs, because if they don’t, no one will. Listen now to learn how you can advocate for your child’s educational success! 


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Special thanks to Alpacino Beauchamp for joining me this week. Until next time!

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