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Cussing alert in this post. 

Nobody lasts long in this world of supporting people with disabilities without finding themselves in a WTF? situation. 

There are few or no options. 

The only existing options are segregated. 

The expectations are abysmally low. 

Even good people are unsure how to move forward. 

If I’m wrong, and you’ve never been frustrated with a reality like this then reply to this email and tell me.  But I’m guessing that you can relate in some capacity. 

Because this is such a common reality, people like the guests on today’s podcast have developed learning institutes, learning journeys, and person centred planning approaches to explore blue space – new space where creative possibilities can be created. 

This week on the podcast, Beth Mount, Hanns Meissner and Pamela Mansell discuss what it takes to create new spaces when what exists just won’t do. It takes bravery, finding your people and being willing to journey together.


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Special thanks to Beth Mount, Hanns Meissner and Pamela Mansell for joining me this week. Until next time!

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Genia Stephen
Genia Stephen

Sister, mother, midwife, writer, speaker and perpetually curious. Dedicated to bringing you the voices, ideas and conversations of world class mentors and thought leaders in the field of disability.