Good Things In Life Podcast episode 113 thumbnail with SImon Duffy and Markus Vahala

You can listen to this podcast episode on iTunes or Spotify. If we want to live in a world that truly acknowledges the value of all people as contributors and members of their community, we need to understand the way community functions as part of the world. Grassroots movements that lift up marginalized members of …

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Good Things in life podcast episode 110 thumbnail with Carol Blessing

You can listen to this podcast episode on iTunes or Spotify. Consumers, patients, service recipients, clients. We have different ways of talking about people with disabilities and most of these terms reflect the different individual relationships they form and interactions they engage in, however brief those interactions may be. But there’s a term we neglect …

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On this episode of Good Things in Life, Genia interviews Guy Caruso about why choosing a path of citizenship instead of clienthood leads toward a good life. Guy has a Ph.D. in rehabilitation counseling, is a fellow of the American Association of Developmental Disabilities and works at the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University. Show …

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