Good Things In Life Podcast episode 142 thumbnail with Emily Ladau

  You can listen to this podcast episode on iTunes or Spotify. Have you ever had a moment when you just weren’t sure what to say or do in relation to someone who has a disability? Perhaps you were nervous that you would say or do the wrong thing and offend someone?  There are lots …

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“Every Chipmunk is a Horseback Rider” by Jack Yates pretty much sums up the single most important rule you need to follow in you want your son or daughter with a disability to have a fulfilling life. #everykidisready

Are you a parent whose child received a diagnosis of “intellectual disability” and you weren’t sure exactly what that meant? Let’s talk about the R – word.

You can listen to this podcast episode on iTunes or Spotify. A transcript for this episode will be available soon. Check back often. Last week, episode 13 of the podcast, I told you all about how my son’s really great support workers moved on in their lives and their careers in education. And I explained …

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You can read the transcript here. Does having a “vision” sound airy fairy to you? It’s not. It’s actually social science. And it’s crucial to the life of people with a disability. Why do I say its crucial? If we don’t set our own direction towards the good things in life then people’s lives tend …

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