We are talking about F-words on the podcast, but not that one. Better ones. F-words that help us focus on the things our kids are, and the things our kids can do. These F-words are ones we can use to get doctors and therapists to see the whole picture of who our kids are now, and who they are becoming. F-words that lead to the good things in life.

Dr. Temple Grandin speaks about the error of limiting the opportunities of children with disabilities and recommends a strengths and interests based approach to stretch their minds, build capacity, make friends and become contributing citizens.

Complex care physician, Dr. Eyal Cohen, joins Genia for a discussion about why complex care is so important to the life and happiness of kids with complex medical needs and their families, the evolution of health systems to respond to the needs of our kids and what parents can do when there is no care coordination available in their community.

Dr. Lilach Saperstein’s F-I-G Method is a handy and actionable advocacy tool to help us make strategic decisions about how we handle conversations and social interactions.

Dr. Roberta Shaler offers advice on dealing with difficult people while advocating for your child with a disability. School advocacy can be hard – downright infuriating – when you are dealing with people who are making it harder than it needs to be by standing between your child and what they need to for successful inclusion and learning. Dr. Shaler offers effective strategies for building rapport, taking care of yourself and moving towards successful teamwork.

You can listen to this podcast episode on iTunes or Spotify.  Dr. Temple Grandin is an internationally renowned scientist, animal activist, professor and autism advocate. Dr. Grandin joins me today to talk about inclusive education, her concerns about changes to the education of students with disabilities and her recommendations for a strengths-based, trouble-shooting approach to supporting students with autism.   …

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