Marta Spirk, mother of triplets, joins me on the podcast to talk about how we can fill our cups so that we can remain well while caring for our kids, families, work and community.

Darcy’s presenting about the power of mindsets and expectations and it’s just hugely powerful in helping us to support our loved ones to create a good positive lives. And it’s important that we think about it because if we just wait and kind of ride on the coattails of the mindset and expectations that society has for our sons and daughters with intellectual disabilities, it’s not going to lead to the good things in life.

You can listen to this podcast episode on iTunes or Spotify. Read the transcript here. This is the second half of an interview with Selena Blake, the Director of Emerging Practice and Evidence at the Durham Association of Family Resources and Support (DFRS). In the first half of the interview we review the first four of ten principles of DFRS. You can find that interview here.    …

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Title: Holding the vision of a good life since 1974 with Linda Dawe

Linda is a parent and founding member of Deohaeko, a family group that dreamed of what home could be for their son’s and daughters and made it happen.

This week is a continuation of episode 4. You can find episode 004 here. Genia continues her discussion with Janet Klees, Author and Executive Director of the Durham Association for Family Resources and support in Ontario, Canada. She shares best practices around a child’s independence and how we, as a parent, can best nurture their …

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Ah, those sleepy Saturdays when nobody has to be anywhere… I remember once, cradling a sick toddler in my arms, lamenting to my own mother that I wasn’t sure how I would manage when he was too big to cuddle like this.

Why am I doing this? We all want the good things in life. Regardless of time or place, there is pretty universal agreement about what the good things in life are. Home, relationships, love, community, some freedom, opportunities to make a contribution… But at some point in human history we lost the plot in respect …

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