Good Things In Life Podcast episode 099 thumbnail with Genia Stephen

You can listen to this podcast episode on iTunes or Spotify. Medical safeguarding of vulnerable people leaves us feeling vulnerable too. In November, the sister of Good Things in Life host Genia Stephen was admitted to the intensive care unit and Genia has been supporting her in the hospital ever since. In this podcast, Genia …

The hands of 200 strangers will touch your body Read More »

A hand with dextrose holding someones leg wearing black pants podcast episode 124 thumbnail with goodthingsinlife logo at the bottom

A sneak peak into the tragedy and grief, joys, wins, contributions, successes and massive strains of 2020 for host Genia Stephen and Good Things In Life. Plus, a “where we are headed” look into the future. 

We are excited to feature a guest post by mother of three, Meghan Jarzyna, telling us about the home birth of her daughter. Meghan is the director of Generations Midwifery Care and this blog was originally featured on their blog.