Good Things In Life Podcast episode 135 thumbnail with Christine Robinson

  You can listen to this podcast episode on iTunes or Spotify. Christine Robinson joins me on today’s podcast to talk about the remarkable journey that she made with her late husband William Rush. William was a journalist, writer and disability rights advocate. Christine is a therapist.   In this podcast, Christine shares her thoughts about …

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Darcy’s presenting about the power of mindsets and expectations and it’s just hugely powerful in helping us to support our loved ones to create a good positive lives. And it’s important that we think about it because if we just wait and kind of ride on the coattails of the mindset and expectations that society has for our sons and daughters with intellectual disabilities, it’s not going to lead to the good things in life.

Vision boards are not just for artsy types! Vision boards tell your brain to keep looking for opportunities in the areas of life that you decide are important. Candy Motzek talks about how you can use vision boards to help you make actual progress towards achieving your vision of a good life for your daughter or son with a disability.

Title: Holding the vision of a good life since 1974 with Linda Dawe

Linda is a parent and founding member of Deohaeko, a family group that dreamed of what home could be for their son’s and daughters and made it happen.