3 images of a happy Zach Rossetti with his brother Todd on a wheelchair

You can listen to this podcast episode on iTunes or Spotify. Most people count their friendships among the most important relationships they have. Kids with disabilities are no different; they want all the same opportunities to meet and connect with peers as anyone else.  So what can parents and teachers do to help facilitate the …

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Could you make a list of every single thing you are capable of doing? Now cross off the things you hate. Someone on the list that you have left, is a way for you to make money on the internet. Don’t believe me?

Chantelle Turner is on the podcast this week to talk about how you can make money on the internet in ways you haven’t thought of yet – and yes, it’s legal! Chantelle is the founder of Stronger Mommy, a positive community for parents of children with special needs, and Not Yet Notable, a business focused on helping coaches and course creators grow engaged communities.

After parents identify their child’s education priorities, MatchUs connects students with teachers that can help during pandemic school closures. Emma Fialka-Feldman and Sophia Johansson explain their grass-roots, innovative way to raise the bar in special education.