Good Things In Life Podcast episode 114 thumbnail with Jacqueline Specht

You can listen to this podcast episode on iTunes or Spotify. The research is clear: inclusion works. Inclusive programs are the best option for everyone—for kids with disabilities, for all kids, and for teachers, families, the school system, and the community at large. But despite the lack of ambiguity, too many programs are still segregating …

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“I very happily describe myself as a lifelong rebel because the system never had any room for me.” This week on the podcast, Jean-Luc Martel shares his experiences with a broken educational system. Even in programs designed for individuals with disabilities, Jean-Luc found that so often there was not an appropriate understanding of how lived experiences and vulnerabilities shaped how he and his peers encountered the system. Jean-Luc’s story reminds us to continually lend a critical eye to the way services are delivered.