Good Things In Life Podcast episode 116 thumbnail with Naiomy Ekanayake

You can listen to this podcast episode on iTunes or Spotify. Do educators always know what’s best for education? Sometimes, parents defer to teachers’ expertise when school officials recommend segregated programs for kids with disabilities. After all, they’re the experts; this is their field, right?  But teachers need opportunities to think about inclusion, and work …

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Barb McKenzie’s daughter had Down Syndrome. Sadly, she passed away in her twenties. But not before she made friends, fell in love with Shakespeare, and made the commencement speech at her high school graduation. Barb’s book, Reflections of Erin, is available for free from Inclusion Press. A video of Erin giving her high school commencement address …

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Karen Hunt has been listening to the Good Things In Life podcast and is a member of Inclusion Academy. Inspired by the idea that her son has potential for growth if barriers are removed, Karen has been thinking about small, important, actions that she can take to support her son to have greater autonomy, choice and opportunity.