Vision boards are not just for artsy types! Vision boards tell your brain to keep looking for opportunities in the areas of life that you decide are important. Candy Motzek talks about how you can use vision boards to help you make actual progress towards achieving your vision of a good life for your daughter or son with a disability.

Download the Guide to Informed Choice in Health Care and Service Systems. Parents make thousands of decisions on behalf of their children. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are making decisions. We just roll along. But our choices and decisions can bring us closer – or farther – to our vision of the good …

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Title: Holding the vision of a good life since 1974 with Linda Dawe

Linda is a parent and founding member of Deohaeko, a family group that dreamed of what home could be for their son’s and daughters and made it happen.


On this episode of Good Things in Life, Genia interviews Guy Caruso about why choosing a path of citizenship instead of clienthood leads toward a good life. Guy has a Ph.D. in rehabilitation counseling, is a fellow of the American Association of Developmental Disabilities and works at the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University. Show …

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On this episode of Good Things in Life, Genia interviews Darcy Elks an educator, consultant, evaluator of services and an advocate for people with disabilities about vision and why it matters so much. Download your guide to creating a vision. A transcript of this episode can be found here. Show Notes: Darcy first started thinking …

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