#068 BONUS! Barb McKenzie tells her daughter’s story of inclusion.

#068 BONUS! Barb McKenzie tells her daughter’s story of inclusion.

Barb McKenzie’s daughter had Down Syndrome. Sadly, she passed away in her twenties. But not before she made friends, fell in love with Shakespeare, and made the commencement speech at her high school graduation.

Barb’s book, Reflections of Erin, is available for free from Inclusion Press. A video of Erin giving her high school commencement address is also available. Links are available on the show notes page.

Erin went to inclusive schools but Barb and the school team didn’t have all of the answers all of the time. They learned together. I’ve put together a FREE guide to help you ask your child’s school important questions that will help you and the school team assess how well they are doing at being truly inclusive.

Download the FREE guide: “Is This School Inclusive? 14 Questions Every Parent Should Ask.

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