#077 Prioritizing yourself is good for everyone ~ Marta Spirk

#077 Prioritizing yourself is good for everyone ~ Marta Spirk

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“If I keep trying to be all the things for everybody, all of the time, I’m going to fail a hundred times out of a hundred times and it’s just going to be a frustrating life. Why don’t I focus on the things that I can actually control and that I can actually do?”

As a parent of a kid with a disability, you know that too often your needs are the last ones to get any attention. I know that’s been true in my life – I sometimes have to remind myself to take the time to get a shower, or a few minutes to myself. 

This week on the podcast, I’m talking to Marta Spirk about why it’s important to fill our own cups – and how she helps women to actually do this, not just feel bad about how they aren’t doing it. We talk about how taking care of ourselves is actually really important to model to our kids so that they know that we – and they – are worth it.  

Marta is a writer, podcaster, and woman empowerment coach. Her focus is on helping selfless, overwhelmed women learn to put themselves first, stop people-pleasing, and become their own support system. Through her podcast The Empowered Woman, her virtual self-improvement membership and workshops, she hopes to encourage and uplift women to step into their own power and realize they ALREADY have it all!

Here’s a taste of Marta’s words of wisdom: 

“So often we want to work on relationships, whether it be…our marriage, with our kids, or even with clients, if you’re an entrepreneur, or with your boss, if you’re a career woman. And we don’t understand that every single relationship and interaction that we have in our lives is a reflection of your relationship with yourself. And so we, we keep trying to work on these other things, but they’re really like bandaids. It’s never really going to fix anything because you’re always the common denominator. And that’s not to judge you, but it is to say there is something that you have control over, which is yourself, right? So why not pay closer attention to who you are and how you’re handling things?”

When we are looking at how to fit entrepreneurship – or even a daily shower – into our lives, Marta’s strategies may be just what we all need.

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Special thanks to MARTA SPIRKS for joining me this week. Until next time!

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