My talk therapy – Living in a Hospital

My talk therapy – Living in a Hospital

Ep 101 My talk therapy

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In part two of Genia Stephen’s special interview series with storyteller Katie Bachmeyer, Katie asks Genia, who has been acting as medical safeguard for her sister for months, about what it’s been like to live full-time in a hospital. Genia notes that a hospital setting is a service, and that some aspects of systems in place in services are designed primarily to protect and empower service providers, not people receiving the service. While these guidelines are important to enable medical staff do their jobs well, they don’t always take into account that, particularly for people seeking long-term inpatient care, the place of service becomes the patient’s temporary home, and the patient gets no respite from the system. Patients’ needs become subservient to the needs of the service that only exists in the first place because the patient needs it. If you’ve missed the last two episodes, you may want to listen to those first. Stay tuned for Part 3 of this special “My talk therapy” series—coming soon!

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Special thanks to Katie Bachmeyer for joining me this week. Until next time!