My talk therapy – Humility, Empathy, and Medical Safeguarding

My talk therapy – Humility, Empathy, and Medical Safeguarding

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This week, Genia and Katie wrap up their discussion on medical safeguarding by identifying what exactly those positive mindsets can look like in practice. 

Genia, who’s been providing medical safeguarding services for her sister in intensive care since November 2020, talks about the key things that can really make a difference and how any health care worker, regardless of their personality, can truly change the patient experience with the right mindset. 

And advocates can recognize that medical staff need understanding too. This was a fascinating wrap-up to a three-part series that’s all about empathy, support, and positivity. If you’ve missed the last three episodes, you may want to listen to those first.

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–  Inclusion academy;


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Special thanks to Katie Bachmeyer for joining me this week. Until next time!