Designing Education for Diversity with Leyton Schnellert

Designing Education for Diversity with Leyton Schnellert

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In an inclusive education model, do teachers have to build a one-size-fits-all curriculum, then do extra work to accommodate students with disabilities? Dr. Leyton Schnellert says no. Leyton, a lifelong inclusive education teacher, believes it’s not only possible for teachers to build a truly inclusive curriculum, it’s actually not that hard to do. 

Open-ended pedagogies that focus more on individual student growth than achievement of specific targets is a core principle of Leyton’s teaching philosophy. Focusing on an end goal but figuring out the route as they go can be the way forward for teachers that want to embrace the diversity of strengths and abilities in their classroom. He stresses collaboration with other teachers and with the land itself as important to inclusivity, as well as decolonizing and indigenizing education.  

Leyton is an Associate Professor in UBC’s Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy. His scholarship attends to how teachers and teaching and learners and learning can mindfully embrace student diversity and inclusive education. Leyton’s community-based collaborative work contributes a counterargument to top-down approaches that operate from deficit models, instead drawing from communities’ funds of knowledge to build participatory, place-conscious,

and culturally sustaining practices. He has been a middle and secondary school classroom teacher and a learning resource teacher K-12.

I loved this chat with Leyton, who presents an exciting model for real diversity and inclusion in education.

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Special thanks to Dr. Leyton Schnellert for joining me this week. Until next time!