Changing the World One Cupcake at a Time, with Addie Loerzel

Changing the World One Cupcake at a Time, with Addie Loerzel

Changing the World One Cupcake at a Time, with Addie Loerzel

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Kids with disabilities have tremendous potential to contribute to our communities. There’s no better way to illustrate this than to just talk to one of those kids themselves, and that’s why I was so excited to talk to Addie Loerzel, a 15-year-old with a disability who has already accomplished so much in her young life. 

Addie has spent the past few years raising money for the Sunshine Foundation by selling cupcakes. And she is killing it! So far, Addie has raised nearly $80,000 (!) and she’s looking to expand her efforts even more. She is also a beauty pageant winner who currently wears the Princess of America Miss Minnesota crown. This was her first pageant that wasn’t specifically for girls with disabilities, so her win was really important in increasing visibility of kids like her. 

Plus, she’s an accomplished public speaker who advocates frequently for her community. 

It was really exciting to me to talk to Addie about how she has been so successful at such a young age. Addie is a youth leader worth following!
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Special thanks to Addie Loerzel, and her mom Marisa Loerzel, for joining me this week. Until next time!