The Gift of the Slow Saturday – these are the good things in life

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Ah, those sleepy Saturdays when nobody has to be anywhere…

I remember once, cradling a sick toddler in my arms, lamenting to my own mother that I wasn’t sure how I would manage when he was too big to cuddle like this.

She reassured me that all was well and we would find alternatives. And she was right – sort of. We still find our ways to cuddle, though his gangly legs and arms fall over the edges and his tolerance with me runs low. He has more interesting things to do! But my mom also knew from her own experience that babies grow, and they change, and arms end up empty more often than not.

It happens rarely for our family. Or maybe, it just happens rarely for me. I’m a busy health care provider and business owner and my time never feels my own. Sometimes I look up and all of a sudden notice that my boys have grown, that they look different, that they are ever so slightly a different person since the last time I really looked at them.

It is hard to slow down, hard to pay attention. It seems there is often some crisis or urgent deadline or client who needs care. And I so desperately want to provide for them, keep them safe, assure their future.

Those times when I am truly in the moment with my family are so few and fleeting. And I worry I will wake up and they will be gone! Or at least, the child that I knew will be gone.

So many things to do. So many things to advocate for. So many things to worry about. And yet so many precious, fleeting moments speeding by me. The busier my brain is the more my heart is stalled in distractions and suffocated by distraction.

So today I stop and pay attention. Today I see you. The real you as you are right now. And I am reminded that I (still!) like you. And I am so grateful for this day. And so grateful that you (still!) like me. And I am grateful for you. These are the good things in life.

Happy slow Saturday, my love.


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Genia Stephen
Genia Stephen

Sister, mother, midwife, writer, speaker and perpetually curious. Dedicated to bringing you the voices, ideas and conversations of world class mentors and thought leaders in the field of disability.