#083 – “The system never had any room for me” – Jean-Luc Martel

“I very happily describe myself as a lifelong rebel because the system never had any room for me.” This week on the podcast, Jean-Luc Martel shares his experiences with a broken educational system. Even in programs designed for individuals with disabilities, Jean-Luc found that so often there was not an appropriate understanding of how lived experiences and vulnerabilities shaped how he and his peers encountered the system. Jean-Luc’s story reminds us to continually lend a critical eye to the way services are delivered.

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#081 Can inclusion heal trauma? with Mary Vicario

Mary Vicario is a Certified Trauma Specialist with over 30 years of experience working with and training children, adults and people with developmental disabilities who have experienced trauma. Mary brings neurobiology to life using common language and interventions for people who have experience trauma, and those who work with or support them.

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#080 People need what you have to give ~ Chantelle Turner

Could you make a list of every single thing you are capable of doing? Now cross off the things you hate. Someone on the list that you have left, is a way for you to make money on the internet. Don’t believe me?

Chantelle Turner is on the podcast this week to talk about how you can make money on the internet in ways you haven’t thought of yet – and yes, it’s legal! Chantelle is the founder of Stronger Mommy, a positive community for parents of children with special needs, and Not Yet Notable, a business focused on helping coaches and course creators grow engaged communities.

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#076 MEG BRUNSON: Earning money in a way that works for your family

“There’s no shortage of people who need whatever it is that you have to offer.”

Families who care for kids with disabilities suffer from disproportionate financial insecurity due to extra costs and higher demands on schedules and energy. Add COVID to that mix, and we’re all worried about money. This week on the podcast, Meg Brunson talks about how to monetize skills you already have, how to move past worrying about what people might think, and how to jump in before (you think) you’re ready!

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#074 Erin Sheldon on removing barriers to learning.

“It’s a less dangerous assumption that a student isn’t learning because we’re not actually using the most effective strategies. And it’s a very dangerous assumption that the reason a student isn’t making progress is purely because of their intellectual disability.”
Students with disabilities will experience two kinds of barriers to learning. One barrier is created by their disability. The other is created by people’s attitudes. Both kinds of barriers need to be addressed in order for kids to learn to their full potential. Erin Sheldon, MEd., teaches us about least dangerous assumptions, presumed competence and removing those barriers to learning so that kids can thrive.

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