#073 Julie Causton on the long game of love and connection

What’s the most important thing you want for your kids? Did you think about love and connection and then get worried that it will never happen the way you envision?
In this podcast from October 2019, Dr. Julie Causton and I cover why placement matters, friendships, moving away from one-to-one educational assistants, and the long game of love and connection with students with difficult behaviours.
The long game of love and connection sounds nice, doesn’t it? Nice, but not easy.

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#072 Shelley Moore blows up special education

Shelley Moore is blowing up special education. Don’t worry. She’s not a bomb threat. But she is pushing for an evolution of inclusive education that puts “special” in its place and focuses on a responsive education system that allows all kids to have their needs met.

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#066 Complex Medical Care Coordination with Dr. Eyal Cohen

Complex care physician, Dr. Eyal Cohen, joins Genia for a discussion about why complex care is so important to the life and happiness of kids with complex medical needs and their families, the evolution of health systems to respond to the needs of our kids and what parents can do when there is no care coordination available in their community.

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#065 Are restraints ethical? With Marc Tumeinski, Ph.D.

Restraints have been killing Black people and people with disabilities and other devalued groups in great numbers every year for decades. Marc Tumenski helps us think about the use of restraints and highlights that each person needs to make an ethical decision about their position on use of restraints.

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#063 Inclusive Recreation with Lisa Drennan

Inclusive recreation expert, Lisa Drennan, talks about what it takes for community recreation programs to evolve towards full inclusion and provides parents with advice on how they can maximize the opportunities for their child to be welcomed and have a positive experience.

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